Merger Between Spark Climate Solutions and Methane Action Combines Two Leading Climate Actors in the Methane Removal Field


Source:  Spark Climate Solutions

Contact:  Stephen Kent,, 914-589-5988

[San Francisco, CA – February 16, 2023] Methane Action is merging into Spark Climate Solutions, combining the strengths of the two leading actors in the emerging field of methane removal

Spark is a non-profit organization focusing on field-building and scientific advances in emerging climate solutions areas, including methane removal. The non-profit Methane Action has been focused on policy advances and the careful global governance needed to restore atmospheric methane concentrations to preindustrial levels, including through methane emissions mitigation and methane removal.  With Methane Action joining Spark, the combined team under Spark’s aegis will accelerate development of a robust, unified ecosystem organizer to advance methane removal research, development, policy, and governance.

Such advances aim to address today’s methane emergency, with atmospheric methane levels at record-highs and rising rapidly, and increased risks of further elevated methane emissions from natural feedbacks and possible climate tipping points. 

Methane removal may be able to accelerate the natural oxidation of methane in the atmosphere and soil, breaking it down to water and carbon dioxide, thereby dramatically reducing methane’s climate impact. Cutting methane emissions aggressively in parallel with ambitious decarbonization is job one. But in the future, methane removal may complement emissions reduction, potentially further shaving peak temperatures and dampening methane-emitting climate feedbacks.  Some methane removal approaches may also enable  “methane emissions removal” at or near major emissions sources to prevent methane from getting into the atmosphere. 

“Mitigating and removing methane vs. CO2 are distinct propositions with different impacts –   methane has a big impact on near-term warming, while CO₂ emissions drive long-term warming, ” said Erika Reinhardt, Spark’s co-founder and executive director.  “We need to cut both rapidly; one isn’t a substitute for the other.  But developing methane removal could be part of the larger picture of minimizing peak global temperatures and mitigating some of the risk from methane-emitting natural feedbacks.”

“Methane removal research and development are in their early days, but the field has incredible potential and could play a crucial role in our overall climate response. We’re excited to help move it forward,” said Reinhardt.  “Methane Action joining Spark will further support accelerating methane removal research and critical work on the policy and governance side, which is a prerequisite for considering any future deployment.  By working hand-in-hand, we’re helping keep the various parts of this new ecosystem aligned with the state of the science as it develops.”

“All of us at Methane Action are delighted to join Spark Climate,” said Daphne Wysham, former CEO of Methane Action and new head of methane removal policy engagement at Spark.  “We share a common vision on the urgent nature of the methane emergency we are in, and on the need for peer-reviewed science, strong governance and social license as critical preconditions in advancing the emerging field of methane removal.  Spark has quickly established itself as the leading science funder and organizer in the methane removal space. We’re thrilled to join them to help advance the policy and governance work in a rigorous, science-based way.”

​​“We need new tools to avoid the worst consequences of climate change,” says Cooper Rinzler, Spark board director and founding advisor.  “There are significant gaps in the landscape of climate innovation and Spark plays a unique role in bridging them through ecosystem-building and roadmapping.  Carbon dioxide mitigation is absolutely necessary but at this point insufficient – we need to build other playbooks for managing radiative forcing in addition to, but not in replacement of, the work to eliminate CO2 emissions.  Methane removal is one pathway among others that we need to explore to potentially reduce the risk of exceeding tipping points in the climate system.  Methane Action joining Spark creates clear leadership in the methane removal field; together we have the best chance of bringing new tools in the fight against climate change to fruition.”

NOTE TO EDITORS AND PRODUCERS:  Erika Reinhardt, Daphne Wysham and other experts are available for comment and interviews on request. For more information, please contact Stephen Kent,, 914-589-5988
Spark is a US-based non-profit organization focused on field-building in emerging climate areas. Spark recognizes the need for all available solutions to the climate crisis: mitigation, adaptation, and emerging, as yet unexplored areas. Spark focuses on under-addressed areas of science and technology that have the potential for large-scale mitigation of climate harm, addressing near-term warming, and contributing to climate repair. Spark works to accelerate these fields through building shared strategic roadmaps, providing research funding, seeding new organizations, coordinating a variety of stakeholders, engaging with experts, and communicating with the public. Our core team has deep expertise in science, engineering, and climate-focused philanthropy.

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