Donate to Methane Action

Methane Action has taken a pledge to take no money from the fossil fuel industry, but we do take money from organizations and individuals like you who believe our work to restore atmospheric methane to pre-industrial levels is vital for present and future generations.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and partners, Methane Action has secured initial funding for our operations, as well as partial funding for the work of our scientific advisors. Currently we are seeking additional funding to:

  • Evaluate and assess emerging methane removal technologies and their effects;
  • Develop a public engagement and policy framework for governance and oversight of safe and effective methane removal technologies, and scaling them up as needed; and
  • Design and conduct a broad, public education campaign  on the methane crisis and its solutions.

To learn more about Methane Action’s work and how you can support it, please contact Methane Action CEO Daphne Wysham,, (503)310-7042, 211 Taylor St., Suite 403E, Port Townsend, Washington 98368

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Worm's eye view of red and yellow columbine with conifers in the background.