Dr. Susan Lee


As co-founder of Methane Action, Dr. Lee convened an international interdisciplinary working group of scholars and entrepreneurs committed to a transformative approach to addressing the environmental impact of atmospheric methane.  Since 2017, Lee has been a proponent of climate restoration, a return to safe pre-industrial levels of the main greenhouse gases by 2050.  She has frequently spoken, testified, and moderated panels on climate restoration topics.  Lee has been active in Washington, DC-area climate organizations since 2015 and serves on the advisory board of Climate XChange. 

Lee has 30 years of experience providing strategic and economic advice to NGOs, government, private sector companies, and academia.  In her consulting work, Lee has advised Fortune 500 companies across the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and financial industries, among others.  She has advised companies on antitrust and intellectual property matters ranging from price fixing, price discrimination, predatory pricing, competitive effects of merger, economic damages, and royalty determination.

Lee’s formal economic training is in evolutionary game theory.  Her research employs computational economics methods to study the dynamics of complex social interactions and transitions between cooperative equilibria and inefficient equilibria.  She served on the faculty of Florida State University where she taught undergraduates and doctoral students and modernized the doctoral curriculum in microeconomics.  Lee holds a PhD in economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she was awarded a MacArthur Network on Social Interactions and Inequality Fellowship. 

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