Methane Action is a non-profit organization with a unique mission: To pursue the science and policy advances needed, under careful global governance, to rapidly restore atmospheric concentrations of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, to pre-industrial levels (near 700 parts per billion) for the benefit of present and future generations.

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Declaration on Reduction of Atmospheric Methane

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As Governments take steps to reduce methane, a new Declaration offers a policy Framework for pursuing atmospheric methane removal together with aggressive emissions cuts, and leading climate scientists and advocates call on governments to adopt it.

Scientists and civil society organizations are encouraged to sign a letter of in support of the declaration.

Latest News

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In The Wall Street Journal: Methane Spaghetti

Reducing methane emissions now could help avoid a surge in methane emissions in the future….Daphne Wysham, chief executive of Methane ...
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A helium balloon that looks like the globe of the earth lifts away 830 industrial scene to reveal hills forest and lakes. rises

In Forbes: Climate Investment Opportunities With Impact, Tailor Made For Impact Investors

Controlling methane is important for future temperature increases. Methane removal technologies, if scaled globally, have the potential to prevent a ...
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Smoke and steam billowing from and oil refinery smoke stack with The Hill logo superimposed.

In The Hill: Climate Week congregants should address methane

In addition to climate reparations, the developed world also needs to put resources into climate restoration, so loss and damage ...
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