Methane Action is a non-profit organization with a unique mission: Identify solutions that can rapidly reduce atmospheric methane concentrations to pre-industrial levels, and ensure their implementation, for the benefit of both present and future generations.

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Declaration on Reduction of Atmospheric Methane

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As Governments take steps to reduce methane, a new Declaration offers a policy Framework for pursuing atmospheric methane removal together with aggressive emissions cuts, and leading climate scientists and advocates call on governments to adopt it.

Scientists and civil society organizations are encouraged to sign a letter of in support of the declaration.

Latest News

Smoke and steam billowing from and oil refinery smoke stack.

In The Hill: Focus on methane is timely and appropriate

Policymakers have gotten the memo about methane’s outsized role in climate change, and thankfully, they’re swinging into action to reduce ...
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Methane removal and the proportional reductions in surface temperature and ozone

Abstract Mitigating climate change requires a diverse portfolio of technologies and approaches, including negative emissions or removal of greenhouse gases ...
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A sculpture of a Methane Molecule next to a freeway in Northern Germany

Atmospheric methane removal: a research agenda

Abstract Atmospheric methane removal (e.g. in situ methane oxidation to carbon dioxide) may be needed to offset continued methane release ...
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