Draft — Decision 1/CP.26 of the Conference of the Parties adopting and implementing the Glasgow Declaration on the Removal of Atmospheric Methane (Glasgow DRAM)

Recalling Decision 12/CP.25 Report of the Green Climate Fund to the Conference of the Parties and guidance to the Green Climate Fund, paragraph 20, in which the Conference of the Parties “Also encourages the Green Climate Fund to continue to collaborate with the Climate Technology Centre and Network and the Technology Executive Committee with a view to both strengthening cooperative action on technology development and transfer at different stages of the technology cycle and achieving a balance between support for mitigation and support for adaptation;” and

Noting the October 2021 resolutions of the United Nations Human Rights Council 48/13, in which the Council agreed and declared that having a clean, healthy and sustainable environment is a human right and through a second resolution (48/14) increased its focus on the human rights impacts of climate change by establishing a Special Rapporteur dedicated specifically to that issue;

The Conference of the Parties hereby directs its Secretary General and Secretariat, in consultation with the Green Climate Fund, the Climate Technology Center and Network, the Human Rights Council and its Special Rapporteur, and the entities listed in the final paragraph of the Glasgow DRAM to form the scientific working groups called for in the DRAM, to conduct environmental and social impact assessments measuring the climate benefits and other co-benefits, and test such methods so that such methods and any others as are found to be safe and effective will be ready for deployment by the March 21, 2023 as set out in paragraph (4)(d) of the DRAM, under a governance process to be considered at the next Conference of the Parties (27);

Provided further, that the Secretariat shall assess additional methods as they are developed by working groups appointed by the Secretary General and shall prepare the governance for such methods so as to deploy them as soon as practicable.

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